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Love Stones Love Gems Love Gems Every gemstone stone is unique, each one believed to hold a different healing power, type of energy, or presenting a different form of luck. Certain gemstones are thought to be love stones, gems which can help bring love into your life by either encouraging a more loving state of mind, improving current relationships, or luring those we desire into our arms. As skeptical as some people may be about the mystical powers of gems, the belief that some precious stones can work for the improvement of one's physical or mental health goes back to ancient times. People thus continue to wear certain stones for their extraordinary qualities, and often swear by their influence and impact. There are several gems that are believed to be good for love, including rose quartz, moonstone, jade and lapis. Different gems are thought to hold different love powers and be better used in different situations. Furthermore, certain gemstones are said to work in tandem, so it's important to understand how to combine certain stones in order to produce the desired effect.

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